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We offer specialized service in perineal rehabilitation for women in all phases of life.

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Perineal rehabilitation is also for men and here they will find a team ready to care for their needs.
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We offer specific and specialized care to accompany pregnancy and following childbirth.
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We offer specific and detailed care regarding all aspects of male and female sexuality.
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Active Perineal Rehabilitation

APR is based on exercise physiology, considering cognitive, neuromuscular, and metabolic changes caused by rehabilitation, and is recommended for muscular rehabilitation in the treatment of perineal dysfunctions.


Aware of our responsibility in sharing our knowledge, we conduct a series of courses so that other physiotherapists can use the Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series protocol in order to offer a more complete treatment for their patients.

Practical guide

Passive Perineal Rehabilitation

Passive techniques are those that when conducted, do not require energy from the patient. These techniques are used to stretch the muscles of the perineum for the treatment of scars, pain etc.


We promote knowledge about the PERINEUM and the importance of keeping these muscles healthy during all phases of a woman or man’s life. We are available for presentations to the general public as well as to health professionals.

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