Book Active Perineal Rehabilitation

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The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that urinary incontinence is a public health problem. This pathology hits both men and women, as does fecal incontinence, genital prolepses, sexual dysfunctions and pelvic pain, having a negative impact in the quality of life of such patients. In the old days, those pathologies were seen as a natural consequence of aging, making people adapt to the changes imposed by them. Modern society and the increase of life expectancy made people care more about their quality of life and well-being, making them search for treatments to those pathologies.

The lack of perineal rehabilitation protocols that respect the evolution of the treatment and the individuality of each patient, made me develop the protocol “Active Perineal Rehabilitation (APR)”. This protocol has the objective to rehabilitate the perineal musculature in order for them being able to take in their functions. The single movement subsequent of the perineal contraction is its elevation towards the cephalic direction and anteriorization towards the pubic symphysis. The rehabilitation of such muscles it’s realized through the contraction, of the relaxation and of its elongation.

The APR it’s based on the exercise physiology, taking in consideration the cognitive, neuromuscular and metabolic alterations caused by the rehabilitation, it’s indicated for muscle rehabilitation in the treatment of both female and male urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, fecal incontinence, constipation, genital prolapse and pelvic pains. When these conditions are in a more advanced stage and surgery is required, the perineal rehabilitation is recommended before and after surgery as a complementary treatment to surgical treatment.