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Preparation for childbirth should begin in the second semester of gestation!

For the prevention and treatment of perineal dysfunctions, we use rehabilitation with the use of modern equipment and an intracavitary catheter which provides biofeedback using electromyography for more effective results.

Women wishing to have a vaginal birth without lacerations or episiotomy need to work hard to relax and stretch the PERINEUM. The muscles of the PERINEUMare the last barrier the baby encounters during birth and differently from the cervix, they do not undergo a process of dilation; they are stretched to the maximum during the passage of the baby. For this stretching, we use perineal massage and the Epi-No.

We also teach delivery techniques for women who wish a vaginal delivery. Many women don’t know which force to make during delivery and sometimes use a contrary force that complicates the exit of the baby.

The first phase of childbirth (period of dilation) can last for hours and women are not always physically prepared for this. Teaching breathing techniques and relaxation helps women pass through this phase more calmly, dealing better with the pain, and saving energy for the expulsion phase.

In preparing for childbirth, the presence of a partner is always welcome, and each session lasts from 45 to 50 minutes over an average of ten to 15 sessions. Prior to treatment, all pregnant women undergo an evaluation in order to choose the most appropriate treatment.