Laira Ramos

Physiotherapist Ph.D. in Urogynecology | Sexologist

I am madly in love with my profession, I am delighted at the end of each treatment to see the positive impact on the quality of life of my patients, the increase in their autonomy and self-confidence, the empowerment that this causes them.

My job is not limited to treating a pathology, I see my patients as a whole. Your life story, your culture, your customs … all this helps me in choosing the best techniques in each case.

Letter of recommendation

I chose to work with urogynecology when I started physiotherapy college and, since then, I have been involved in internships and training in the field. My father and sister, both gynecologists, had a great influence on my career, always encouraging me.

After my graduation I dedicated myself exclusively to perineal rehabilitation and I keep updating myself to offer the best treatment to my patients. This passion for the area led me to develop the Perineal Active Rehabilitation & amp; Series.

As perineal rehabilitation is still a little-known treatment, speeches with the purpose of disseminating these treatments making them more accessible to the population.

I also give teaching e consulting for physiotherapists teaching them to work with my techniques.

  • Physiotherapist in Brazil and Portugal
  • PhD in Urogynecology from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Master in Physiotherapy Sciences by the Faculty of Human Motricity, Portugal
  • Creator and owner of PERÍNEO
  • Creator of the Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series protocol
  • Author of the book Active Perineal Rehabilitation and of practical guide Passive Perineal Rehabilitation
  • Trainer of courses Active Perineal Rehabilitation and Passive Perineal Rehabilitation
  • International speaker