Abdominal diastasis

Sometimes the distension that occurs in the abdominal muscles during pregnancy can lead to abdominal diastasis: when these muscles separate.

For the best correction and treatment of this diastasis, without overloading the PERINEUM muscles, I use hypopressive exercises, which are exercises that work the entire abdominal girdle, with great focus on the transverse abdominal muscles, aiming to correct this pathology without the need for surgery.

With the concept of Active Perineal Rehabilitation and & Series, I aim to rehabilitate the PERINEUM and its strengthening, preventing, and treating perineal dysfunctions, so that mothers can experience motherhood to its fullest.

I am here to help you get through this period in a healthy and happy way. I have flexible schedules so as not to make breastfeeding difficult and it is possible to bring the baby with you.