Active & Series Perineal Rehabilitation

The Active Perineal Rehabilitation& Series  concept arose from the need to develop a series of programs with other techniques that can also be used in treatments:

Passive Perineal Rehabilitation, where equipment is used to make treatments more effective (stretching, TENS, inhibitory current detrusor, vaginal dilators, pessaries, vacuum pump, etc).

Sexual Perineal Rehabilitation, for specific and detailed care addressing all aspects of sexuality.

Myofascial Perineal Rehabilitation, where manual techniques are used to free the myofascial and visceral tissues.

Hypopressive Perineal Rehabilitation, where hypopressive exercises work the abdominal muscles and protect the muscles of the PERINEUM.

Dermato-functional Perineal Rehabilitation, where techniques are used to treat scars and cutaneous lesions.

Perineal Rehabilitation via Imaging, where ultrasound is used for assessment and treatment.

Obstetric Perineal Rehabilitation, for full care during pregnancy and postpartum.


None Of These Techniques Cause Pain Or Discomfort.