Female Urinary Incontinence

Generally, women begin by losing only a few drops of urine when they cough or sneeze; or when they use force like lifting weight, jumping, running, etc.8

This is urinary stress incontinence, the most common type of this condition.
In some cases, women lose urine for no apparent reason, they feel a urinary urgency, a sudden need to urinate; generally, when they are arriving home, near the bathroom, or hearing the sound of water. This is urinary urgence incontinence.

A common complaint from female athletes is also about the urine loss. The force made during physical activity creates a large increase in intra-abdominal pressure which overloads the muscles of the PERINEUM, causing these women to lose urine when they are practicing more intense physical activities. While these women are in excellent physical shape, they are not told the importance of working the muscles of the PERINEUM.

Urinary incontinence affects more than half of women of adult age, and due to lifestyles, this is increasing among younger women. Unfortunately, as they find it embarrassing or think that it is a normal factor of aging, few women seek out treatment. This urine loss tends to worsen over time, necessitating the constant use of personal hygiene products or diapers.

The inability to hold ones’ urine is embarrassing and causes many women to suffer a decrease in their personal, social, and professional quality of life and in some cases, leads to social isolation.

Perineal rehabilitation is an effective, non-evasive treatment for this condition and promotes the neuromuscular rehabilitation of the PERINEUM and its strengthening, possibly avoiding surgery.

The sooner the patient seeks out treatment, the better the results are.