Laira Ramos



I am passionate about my profession, with over 15 years of experience, I am still delighted at the end of each treatment to see the positive impact on my patients’ quality of life, the increase in their autonomy and self-confidence, the empowerment that this causes them.

My job is not just to treat a pathology, I see each patient as a unique person. Their life story, their culture, their customs… all of this helps me to choose the best techniques in each case.

I chose to work with urogynecology when I started college in physiotherapy and since then I have been involved in internships and training in the field.

My father and sister, both gynecologists, had a great influence on my career, always encouraging me.


Since my graduation, completed in 2005, I have chosen Urogynecology and I dedicate myself exclusively to this field, being in continuous updating. This passion sparked my interest in academic life and led me to develop the innovative concept Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series.

I know it’s difficult to find information about intimate health and sexuality so I always try to share what I know through the media and my talks.

  • Physiotherapist in Brazil and Portugal
  • Ph.D. in Urogynecology from the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Master in Physiotherapy Sciences by the Faculty of Human Motricity, Portugal
  • Creator and owner of PERÍNEO
  • Creator of the concept Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series
  • Author of the book Active Perineal Rehabilitation
  • Professor
  • International speaker
  • In love with my profession