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This is a very important date in my career, it is when I am opening my own space, launch my new concept, and separate my 2 brands: ”PERINEO” and Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series.

November is very significant for me. It is when I prepare myself for my birthday and to be the same age as my older brother and don’t be the same age as my younger brother. Yes, I am 10 months older than my younger brother and 10 months younger than my older brother. I always loved my birthday, I think in all details and I prepare myself for this day. And this year will not be different.

I postponed as I could to open my own space, but my cumulation of functions and my lack of routine demand I have a regular place to work. Between course proposal, new courses, seeing my patients, disclosure physiotherapy in urogynecology, develop products, support my students. I ask myself how I got here.


2008 – THE START

In 2008 I started PERÍNEO to work in pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation and with a mission to spread this area. I was one of the first physiotherapists in Portugal to work independently and specialized in one area. It was a day-to-day battle to be independent and to show I could be autonomous and as a physiotherapist. I was capable of evaluating and treating my patients with no medical prescription and in an interdisciplinary team. Since that time I have the privilege to work with great professionals that respect and support me.

When I started pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation was stagnated in 1940 with Kegel exercises. Dr. Kegel was the first to write a scientific article about pelvic floor muscle exercises to treat urinary incontinence and prolapses. It is a milestone, his work has a great impact but it was years ago and I thought we need something new, modern, and global.



Active Perineal Rehabilitation protocol started to be developed in 2009 when I was taking my Master’s Degree in Science of Rehabilitation, and I concluded it in 2011. The great results that I had with my patients stimulated me to share my knowledge and I started to teach physiotherapists to use my method in a homonymous course.

After 3 years of working in my clinic and teaching colleagues, I take a new challenge, and in 2014 I started my Ph.D. in Urogynecology and to make my protocol scientific, and I also launch the Active Perineal Rehabilitation book.

I completed the Passive Perineal Rehabilitation method and started to teach my students these techniques. At this time my big challenge was to prove the techniques that I use in pregnancy could not induce premature labor and pregnant women can start physiotherapy in the second semester, around 14 to 16 weeks, having more benefits whit the treatment.



A lot of people do not know physiotherapy can work in urogynecology, treating men and women. Because of it, I dedicate part of my time to talks, workshops, TV shows, and magazines. If someone invites me to talk, I go.

My effort to share these pieces of information to improve the quality of life and our right to live our sexuality without taboo never decreased. In 2010 I launch my talk: Vagina, this illustrious unknown.

In 2018 I made a series with G1, from TV Globo, about sexuality: SEX IS GOOD AND I LIKE.

In 2018 I also concluded my Ph.D., and I made the first rebranding of PERINEO aiming international market.



In 2019 I realized my dream to provide materials, all selected by me, to help my colleagues to work in urogynecology, and I started a new business Active Perineal Rehabilitation and Series, e-commerce.

2020 started and my professional life was going great, it would be a memorable year, I was going to several countries to teach my course: Brazil, Portugal, China, USA, Emirates, Angola, Switzerland… but in 2020 we also had COVID and I need to be at home, like everybody else.



It was not easy and since my body could not travel, my mind, my thoughts, and my soul went away. In the second week after lockdown, I started to teach on-line the theoretical component of my courses that had been postponed. And I figured out a “new” way to share knowledge.

This on-line resource bring me to a lot of houses and made me more close to amazing professionals, in April I started TALKING WITH SPECIALISTS, challenging colleagues to talk with me. These talks elapse live on the ZOOM platform, free access, and after they are available on my YouTube channel: Laira Ramos.

Yes, with all this I started my youtube channel and also started PERINEO TALKS, it is simple and easy content to talk with my patients, they can be on-line with me to make their questions and to share their experiences. It is also available on my YouTube channel.



After lockdown, my e-commerce was growing: more products, more sales, new products… I started to be confused about my function. Physiotherapist? Student? Teacher? Researcher? Speaker? Businesswoman?

I needed to slow down and figured out my goal. I am the PERINEO, my essence is what I started in 2008, more all I learned in this time.

So it was necessary to make a division:

PERÍNEO by Laira Ramos: in my own space I offer physiotherapy in urogynecology treating men and women. All treatments are personalized and of my responsibility, they follow the concept of my courses Active Perineal Rehabilitation and Series. I will continue dedicating my time to awareness with my talks, conferences, tv shows.

Active Perineal Rehabilitation and Series: it is a group of professionals that I am part of, our mission is to support physiotherapists who work in urogynecology. We offer products, workshops, courses, consulting and we aim to develop our own line of devices.

Well, it is important to remember I was being prepared to be here before 2008. My wonderful parents raised me with good principles, they supported me, and never let me give up on my dreams.


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