PERINEUM Conversations

This was a way that I found to be closer to my patients so that we can talk and exchange information. I want to take advantage of this space to talk about PERÍNEO, its functions in women’s health and quality of life, which physiotherapy treatments and how women can keep this muscle healthy throughout their lives.

Let’s talk about urine leakage and how to prevent this embarrassment, about pregnant women and postpartum women, about menopause and about sexuality. This will be a sharing space for us women to get to know our bodies better, to empower ourselves and have a better quality of life.

You can always send your questions before the conversations to e-mail or ask online.

It will be a pleasure to share this with everyone.

The conversations take place free of charge live on the ZOOM platform, and subsequently his recording will be available on my Youtube channel: Laira Ramos

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