Pregnancy is a magic period in the life of women but unfortunately biomechanical and metabolic changes that occur in their bodies can be the cause of discomfort and some perineal disfunctions, the most common being urinary incontinence (loss of urine).

The muscles of the PERINEUM will be overburdened by weight as they are responsible for supporting the uterus, baby, placenta, amniotic liquid… weighing between five and ten kilos during pregnancy.

It is very important that women begin to prepare these muscles when they are planning their pregnancy or already in the second semester of gestation (between 14 and 20 weeks), regardless if they wish to have a vaginal or caesarean birth.

We provide specific and specialized care to accompany pregnancy.

Here we have respect for the pregnant woman, her rights and wishes, we support her decisions, and provide specific and specialized care in accompanying her throughout this period. All treatment is done during individual sessions and based on the Active Perineal Rehabilitation & Series protocol with the maximum comfort and safety.