Sexual Disfunction

Sexual disfunction affects men as well as women and can have organic, physical, or psychological origins; in the majority of cases, the causes are a mixture. For treatment of these conditions, it is recommended that patients are seen by an interdisciplinary team.

Types of male sexual disfunction:

  • Desire disfunction: decrease or absence of sexual desire, sexual fantasy, or sexual thoughts
  • Aversion: anxiety or repulsion about the act of sex
  • Erectile disfunction: consistent or recurrent inability (lasting more than three months) to maintain an erection sufficient for sexual relations
  • Premature ejaculation: ejaculation always, or almost always occuring earlier than wished; before penetration or immediately after. Inability to delay ejaculation causing frustration and aversion to the act of sex
  • Non-ejaculation: absence of ejaculation during orgasm
  • Orgasm disfunction: decrease or absence of orgasms; decrease in intensity of orgasms; difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Dyspareunia: pain during intercourse