I love to promote the dissemination of what is PERINEUM and the importance of keeping these muscles healthy during all stages of life for women and men.

We need to talk more about intimate health and sexuality to demystify these issues and bring more information to as many people as possible.

Information is a great source of power, freedom, and a means of asserting our rights.

Contact me and we can make an event according to your needs.



Vagina, this illustrious unknown

Vagina, this illustrious unknown is a serious, fun, and relaxed lecture on female sexuality, where topics such as intimate anatomy of women and men; the similarity between the penis and the clitoris; point G; the importance of having healthy perineum; sexual response cycle; female ejaculation; orgasm and multiple orgasms. Also discussed are how perineal rehabilitation can improve sex life, have (and give) more pleasure, and increase desire.

This lecture is very suitable for a group of women who want to get together to celebrate the feminine and its power, talking about sexuality in a more formal way, with the content being presented in PowerPoint.

Duration 40 min.


Sex is good and I like it

This is a happy and relaxed chat where we talk openly about various aspects of human sexuality, addressing this topic without taboos. Here we will talk about the entire female and male intimate anatomy, about sexual response and how to stimulate our sexual desire, how to improve pleasure and orgasm, G-spot, female ejaculation, masturbation, sexual response …

This is an informal talk for a group of friends who want to celebrate in a different way, the content is presented with the use of various anatomical models.

Duration 40 min.


PERINEUM and pregnancy

Pregnancy has a very big impact on the muscles of the PERINEUM and may be a consequence of some dysfunctions that can appear even during pregnancy or in the postpartum period.

This talk serves to inform pregnant women about the pathologies that can happen and how we can treat them, and even how to prevent them.

It can be a great option for a baby shower, revelation tea, or even for a group of pregnant women who want to get together and have very useful information in a clear and relaxed way.

Duration 40 min.


PERINEUM at all phases of life

The PERINEUM muscles are important for all women, at all phases of their lives. Unfortunately, little is said about this subject leaving women helpless, if they know how or where to look for help with their problems.

This talk serves to inform women of various ages about what the PERINEUM muscles are, how we can keep them healthy for a lifetime, and what should be done if any pathology breaks out.

Duration 40 min.