Urinary incontinence

In men, urinary incontinence (loss of pee) is more common after prostate cancer surgery, prostatectomy. In these cases, it starts with a very significant loss of urine, making it essential to use diapers in the postoperative period. Treatment can start about 30 to 45 days after surgery.

Men can also suffer from urinary stress incontinence, due to weakness in the muscles of the PERINEUM. In these cases, they complain of losing a few drops of urine when they cough or sneeze; or when they make some sort of effort such as lifting weight, jumping, running, etc.

In some cases, men lose urine for no apparent reason, they sense a urinary urgency, a sudden need to urine; generally, when they are arriving at home, near the bathroom, or hearing the sound of water. This is urinary urge incontinence.

Urinary retention

Urinary retention is the difficulty of totally eliminating urine (peeing), giving the feeling of always having a full bladder, increasing urinary frequency.

Among its causes are anatomical changes, benign prostatic hyperplasia (when it is not cancer), neurological disorders, complications from some surgeries.