Due to a woman’s anatomy, perineal disfunctions occur more in women that in men and as a result of the lifestyle that we lead, it is common to see younger and younger women with some symptoms of these conditions.

A Urinary Incontinence (loss of urine) is the most common complaint among these women but they can also show signs of urinary retention (difficulty to to urine), fecal incontinence (loss of control over gases or feces), intestinal constipation (difficulty evacuating), pelvic organ prolapse (“fallen bladder”), pelvic myalgia (pain in the pelvic region) and sexual disfunction (pain during intercourse, reduced pleasure, difficulty in having an orgasm, etc).

We offer specialized perineal rehabilitation services to accompany a woman in all phases of her life.

Perineal rehabilitation may be recommended for the treatment as well as the prevention of any of these conditions, Ideally, women as they begin their adult life, should have a PERINEUM assessment in order to be aware of these muscles and, if necessary, begin perineal rehabilitation to improve their quality of life, well-being and sexuality.