We offer individual and detailed care addressing all aspects of female and male sexuality

Sexuality has very complex aspects and even though we are in the twentieth century, there is still large taboos about the subject. Patients are embarrassed to seek out treatment and ask for advice from their doctors and many times suffer in silence and are not able to fully enjoy the pleasures of sexuality.

Having a healthy PERINEUM musculature helps in the sexual performance of men and women. With perineal rehabilitation, the patient learns to contract and relax these muscles, increasing the awareness and sensitivity of this region and having greater control over pleasure and orgasms.

Through kinesiotherapy and electrotherapy, neuromuscular and metabolic changes in the perineal region increase the sensitivity and vaginal lubrification of this area, allowing the woman to have more pleasure and to reach orgasm more easily. The strengthening of these muscles results in more contact during penetration.

Some women feel pain during intercourse as they are unable to relax due to episiotomy scars from childbirth or due to other causes. Breathing techniques, perineal massage and scar tissue massage have excellent results in these cases. Women with vaginismus can also be treated with perineal rehabilitation with excellent results from the treatment.


In men, perineal rehabilitation increases blood flow, improving erections, and is a treatment for erectile disfunction. Patients who have a prostatectomy have excellent results with this treatment. Control of these muscles help men in the treatment of premature ejaculation.