Women are increasingly looking for greater satisfaction in their sexuality, worrying about having more pleasure, intense orgasm, and not feeling pain.

Perineal rehabilitation can improve female sexuality. The first benefit is a better knowledge of your body, increasing body, and perineal awareness. For some women, there is still a taboo that does not allow them to get to know their bodies better.

The metabolism increase causes a more blood supply in this region, also increasing sensitivity and vaginal lubrication. Muscle hypertrophy makes the vaginal introitus tighter, making penetration more pleasurable.

During orgasm there is a contraction of these muscles, so the women who can contract them correctly can reach orgasm more easily and have more intense orgasms, being able to have multiple orgasms.

The lack of relaxation of these muscles can make penetration painful, teaching perineal relaxation is recommended in these cases, being indicated for vaginismus and postpartum.

Sometimes myofascial techniques are needed to treat scars and pain and trigger points.

I have success rates in managing sexual dysfunction.