Retenção Urinária Feminina

Urinary retention

Urinary retention is the difficulty of totally eliminating urine (peeing), giving the feeling of always having a full bladder, increasing urinary frequency.

Among its causes are anatomical changes, neurological dysfunctions, surgical complications of the correction of urinary incontinence, or other pelvic surgeries.

Fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence is the difficulty or inability, to hold flatus (gas) or feces in a liquid, paste, or solid-state.

The main causes of this pathology are the weakness of the muscles of the PERINEUM, aging, pregnancy, injuries caused by vaginal delivery, some neurological disorders, and surgeries that can lead to damage to the anal sphincter or pudendal nerve.


Intestinal constipation is the difficulty in eliminating the feces, being considered pathological when one spends 3 days or more without being able to evacuate.

The great effort to evacuate can lead to other perineal dysfunctions such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.